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Discover True Love  

Love Heist Romeo is a 2D narrative-driven exploration game about a bunny named Romeo on his quest for True Love. Follow a wizard’s advice down a rabbit hole to interact with cute animals, collect magical orbs, and discover doors to whimsically colorful worlds!

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 Producer: Binaisha Dastoor 

  Creative Lead: Merita Lundstrom

  Pixel Artist & Animator: Vicente Hernandez

  Environment Artist: Lucky Medikonda

  Environment Artist: Ashley Lu

  Story Lead & Narrative Designer: Dennis Moiseyev

  Narrative Consultant: Parker Sublette

  Game Design Programmer: Kan Wen

  Level Designer: Rachel Trieu

  Lead Programmer: Alexander Kuang

  Programmer: Ryan Mitchell

  Co-Composer: Jonah Gertz

  Co-Composer: Ethan McNiff

  Sound Engineer:Matthew Laurence

Play Our Game 

If you run into a bug or anything that keeps you from playing the game that feedback is appreciated! Feel free to reach out to thealexanderkuang@gmail.com to help us improve Love Heist Romeo.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags2D, artgame, Colorful, Exploration, Pixel Art


Love Heist Romeo Mac.zip 240 MB
Love Heist Romeo Windows.zip 244 MB

Install instructions

After downloading, unzip the folder and double click the executable file.

You may get a security pop up that prevents you from opening the game. On Windows, select "More Info", then "Run Anyway". For Mac, you may need to open your Security & Privacy in Settings to open the game.


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This was so cute! Art, music, design, writing, love, it's the whole package!

What a radical game!!!


I played this game and I found a wife, thanks!

Wow! The level design is amazing!


this game helped me find true love, thanks